My best friend

No I’m not Sunday school answering this and saying Jesus. And as a disclaimer, I’m not saying my friends are worth less than a piece of board, though skillfully cut.. The one thing that has been SO good and faithful to me in times where I just needed to go somewhere or needed to chill is this longboard.image I haven’t named it because its not actually mine although its certainly taken a beating because of me.. sorry Jordan.

But in all honesty I have such a passion for this simple thing, the same kind of passion I remember when I first played a drumset.
I love riding it just to ride it. I’m not riding it because I think its cool to ride a longboard. I AM. because I enjoy it. The fact that I’m 19 and dont have a license or a car is besides the point..

I love when these things come into my life. Simple things I can pass time with and enjoy. I am by no means a workoholic although I like to believe I have a good work ethic when I want to..that’s up for debate I’m sure. For now this is my getaway.
Do you longboard? What is your getaway? Leave a comment!


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