Start the day off right!

I woke up early today. That means before noon! I woke up at a friends house after spending the night there and had to be home to pack for the road. Went to Starbucks and then stopped at another Starbucks on the way because the first forgot the classic! (That’s liquid sweetener for all you anti-stars). When I got home, I packed and went to the bathroom. Here’s where it gets fun.

The toilet clogs and the water fills to the top. Everyone knows you don’t flush it again after that. You get a plunger! Right as this is happening I get asked to go help re-arrange the van and before I can ask Jordan for the plunger he’s outside already. During the next course of events I completely forget about the toilet. I know, gross but I promise there’s just paper by this point. I go help with the van. We both come back inside and I finish packing, Jordan goes to the bathroom.
Next thing I hear is “Redd! I’m gonna kill you!” I immediately remember I still need to plunge the toilet and run in there explaining that I forgot to ask for the plunger and as I step inside..its wet. The floor is soaked. The bathroom is flooded. Great way to start the day and all before noon.

Right now, as I’m crafting this blog from my Verizon android smartphone, We are on the road from Fresno to Bakersfield to play a show tonight, drive to LA tomorrow and hang out at Azusa Pacific Friday night and play shows the next two days in Vegas. I’m excited to play again and get to a point where music actually provides for living.

I’m so blessed. (Is that Christian bragging?) I love the life I’ve been given so far and I know God has monumental plans for me. I’m trying to be patient as I wait but I’m anxious!

What is God doing in your life? Feel free to share a comment! Or even a funny story, but it doesn’t have to involve a toilet!


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