Why I didn’t choose to skip college

I AM. a high school graduate. I graduated class of ’09 at Hutchinson High School in Hutchinson Kansas home of the Salthawks! I loved it all. The choices, the mistakes, the experiences, the friends were all unforgettable.

I AM. not a college student. The summer after my senior year, I worked at Dairy Queen and got ready to apply for and attend Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. I wanted to be a missionary. I still want to be one. Really, I AM a missionary. I wanted to get a degree that told you Im certified to tell people in other cultures about Jesus. During that summer of ’09 my life changed. (flashback) I started playing a drum set my sophomore year and by my senior year, i was playing in jazz band at the local college while playing for high school jazz, pep band and my youth group worship team. (summer of 09) my life changed. I had always dreamed about playing drums in a band but never thought it was practical enough to pursue. I should probably just be safe and get an education right? But I was torn. Go to college, be a missionary. Dont go to college, pursue music. I sought wise council and prayed as the bible says to do. My pastors strongly suggested education but recommended setting a deadline to decide. I chose the weekend, it gave me a week.

Days are going by and I honestly have no idea what im waiting for. In fact im ready to get my application and fill it out because its really close to the deadline. I am honestly losing faith. Friday, i change my profile picture to myself playing the drums. 3 hours later, I come back to my facebook and i have a message from Zach. He’s the singer of one of my favorite bands at the time and we had never really talked except at a couple shows. To be honest, i just added him on facebook for that reason, he was the lead singer of my favorite band. stalker much? thats me.

What does he say? to be continued..

Heres the profile picture. oh so cheesy..


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