Jazz it up

Rock musicians play a few chords to hundreds of people while Jazz musicians play hundreds of chords to a few people. I can’t remember where I heard/read this but to this day it has stuck with me. It may be a bit exaggerated but it still stands to prove a point. It’s amazing how backwards the music industry is. How popular the least musical “songs” are. Yea, I mean rap.

I wasn’t much into jazz until my junior, really my senior year of high school. Junior year was when I was asked to be in my high school jazz band by the teachers. I said no but they persisted, so i gave in. It was a lot easier to learn than i thought, and my Senior year, I enrolled in junior college jazz band since I had an open hour in high school, while still doing high school jazz. That was when I really opened up to it, started to appreciate it and listen to it on my own. My jazz teacher was an incredible musician and pushed me to the edge trying to get me out of my box that I was playing in.
I remember plugging in headphones to my phone and listening to jazz on the way to class and back to get ideas and hear what real jazz players were doing.
I wanted to be a better player.

I must admit I still don’t consider myself an avid listener to jazz/swing/blues/funk/ballads ..every so often ill pull up Kurt Elling online like I am currently and restore my faith in the modern music world. Here’s a musical treat for you…


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