I love singing

I AM. scared to death of singing. maybe not “to death”.. I mean if my life depended on it I would probably belt out an awkward, scared for my life twinkle twinkle little star. I don’t know why. It’s safe to say it should be okay to sing even if my voice sucks because i’m in the music business right?

heck no.

I don’t ever want to sing in front of people, or do I? I do actually, I just can’t. I think i’m just afraid that i’ll be terrible and singing is a very vulnerable feeling to me. It’s not like drumming. Put me in front of 25,000 people please and I will play the drums harder than I ever have until my chest starts to cave in from lack of cardio. Ask me to sing into an auto-tune mic, set the key and play the song in the background..no. Not even for the elderly’s weekly karaoke night at Me-n-Eds Pizza.

Alright I think i’ve painted a decent picture of my attitude on singing. It IS something that I want to do in the future along with playing guitar and recording my own songs. I think a lot of people say that they will do something along those lines in their life but I really mean it.

Oh but I forgot, the may 21st rapture is tomorrow so not enough time, gotta go skydiving!

What would you do if the end of the world was tomorrow? leave a comment! I love them, they make me want to blog more!


2 thoughts on “I love singing

  1. I resonate absolutely with every single sentence of this post.. I feel the absolute same way.

    Just wanted to put that out there 🙂

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