Present Tense: 3pm

Bydgoscz, Poland
Sitting in a hallway, feet flat against the opposite wall, listening to an old favorite band. Tissues ready to be used and laptop plugged into the wall with a sketchy adapter that sparked when I plugged it in.
amendment: Back is hurting.

Slept in (8am), had breakfast, went to a school and set up a very stripped down acoustic set in a high school hallway. Played four songs as students walked through and stopped during their long break of the day. Came back to our home of the week, lied down and realized I need to write a blog.  (see “currently” for details)

Have lunch soon, go downstairs to “Klub Underground” to hang out with students from the schools for a few hours before supper.  Sleep, Dream, Wake up, Breakfast, and possibly the same thing we did today.  (see “Just” for details)
Travel to venue, set up, play rock music, share the Good News of Jesus, hang out. Eat, Sleep, Dream, Wake up. Hang out at after-party with students and youth group before leaving for Wroclow, Poland for debrief. Travel to Prague airport to drop off some team members to leave for the States. Stay in Czech for four weeks with Czech family, work as missionary with local youth and church. Travel to Prague again to board flight 6632 through London to Wichita, Kansas arriving 820pm local time.

All passengers must remain seated with chairs in upright position and seatbelts fastened tightly for the duration of takeoff until aircraft reaches cruising altitude.

My goal was to write once a week while I’m over here and it quickly became apparent that it would be much more difficult than I originally thought. One, because I must borrow technology belonging to other persons to write, but mostly because for the past five weeks, we’ve had hardly reachable or zero internet access. First World problems…
(wrote “current amendment” here)

God is doing great things here. We not only get the privilege of planting seeds but in some rare, incredible instances, we see seeds planted, watered and grown to full stature. Students are embracing the gospel with open hearts and coming to know God through the work and testimony of Jesus in our lives and the stories shared by Exit Tour lecturers. Noro, our Hungarian-Slovak friend who speaks very little English, led classes full of students to Jesus after sharing his story of being in and out of prisons, doing anything for drugs including mugging strangers for money and hitting them even more if they had none. This is one man who saw the lowest of lows and now knows the Most High.

I am humbled and honestly, stumped by the work of God in myself and my friends who support and pray for for me. The church, the bride of Christ, really is a functioning body and if one decides not to work, the whole body suffers. I am so glad to be thriving and blessed among my friends because of prayer warriors back home. We are fighting a war out here on the forefront and can’t say enough how much we need you and covet your prayers. Comrades, petition God and approach His throne with boldness through Jesus and ask for His blessings on us.

Pray for –

–      Open hearts in the students at our last concert tomorrow

–      Sensitivity to the still, quiet voice in our thoughts

–      Jacob, Sam, Cheyene and myself living in Czech for four weeks

–      The families we will stay with

–      The local youth we will work with

Pray against –

–       Hard hearts in the students

–       The One who is against us, who ultimately will not prevail

–       Technical difficulties

–       Any action on stage that does not bring glory to God

–       Distractions while Zach shares the Good News of Jesus

Thank you from all of us on Exit Tour. I pray that God blesses those who bless us, tenfold. A revolution is starting here, a revival in sight. I am amazed to be here once again and soon enough, God willing, for a long time.

P.S. We will most likely have a live video feed of our concert via tomorrow at 8pm local time. That’s 11am Friday for you Californians and 1pm for you Kansans. You can watch, chat and hang out for the duration of our concert and we would love to hear your feedback.

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