It has been a long time since I’ve been here, on this site. I guess when I moved to the daily grind of a regular job serving coffee, nothing seemed adventurous anymore. When people pay more for their coffee each month than my paycheck is worth, it brings me down to square one, the bottom rung. I’m not doing anything special at the moment, like traveling to the next festival to play music for fans or jumping from rooftops being chased by a helicopter. Last summer was the best summer of my life, hands down the most memorable times I’ve ever had and the people I shared it with are what made it so. I may not have been as vocal about it, but I truly appreciate those friends and family I had and still have; will have for eternity.

But moving away was my choice, I did this to myself so why does it seem like the best is behind me? I had what I once considered my dream occupation, playing drums, making music. I left it with a purpose and as humbled of a heart as I could to step away for better things. At a certain point, God abandoned his still, small voice and resorted to yanking my heart from my chest trying to tell me His plans are so much better. I could excuse myself all I wanted saying “This is good for you God, I’m doing something good for your name” but WHO AM I? to say that. I AM. not much more than a speck of dust that God chooses to use. that’s it.

I chose this because there is a better use for me somewhere else called the Czech Republic.
Shortly after I left my band and music, I was able to return to Czech for the third time, and so happy to do so. When I left A Current Affair, I wasn’t expecting to go on the upcoming fall trip but God closes and opens doors to His will, and that’s exactly what He did to make it happen. This time around, I am pressing onward to the goal in which Christ has given me, and right now that means making lots of coffee. In a little over two months, that means returning to Czech to do work once again with my cross-culture generation.

My departure flight was from Los Angeles, my return to Wichita, Kansas. I have been so blessed to live in a gigantic house with seven other dudes that I call best friends two blocks away from my church, no lease, and cheap rent while working a great job at Starbucks doing something I’m passionate about. I’ve been blessed to borrow a very nice road bike to commute with so I don’t have to buy a car, gas and insurance and I can put that money towards better things. Plus I stay fit, and have taken up cycling as a new hobby that I can see myself doing until two wheels turn into four and a bike seat turns into a wheelchair. I’ve been blessed by a home church that loves and supports me and my mission. Needless to say, well it’s needless.

Now begins the 4th edition of my Exit story, #Exit2012

I am so excited to say that I am returning again to Eastern Europe this Fall to extend the work God has already done through me and my fellow Exit tourists, now including some people I’ve yet to meet! The mission is growing, but always needing. Needing people to go, people to give, people to pray. What we do is a collective global effort of Christ followers, family supporters and prayer warriors to bring Christ to the graceless, a light to the darkness. I want you to be a part of this with me if you are reading and willing. I want to share this wonderful opportunity with you as it progresses. Pray for me, hard! These next two months are going to be hectic and stressful but awesome. And when I finally get there, the hard work begins! Pray for Exit as we search for mission-minded musicians willing to live and work temporarily overseas and raise money to do it! It’s narrow criteria but What God wills, he provides for and I’ve seen it. I’ve been it. Pray for Josiah Venture. As their ministry grows, the light brightens. Pray for us and if God calls you to give, give! Give until it hurts the pockets and warms the soul. Let’s make a difference and call a generation of teens to follow Christ and be an example to their schoolmates. Let’s empower the next world changers.


P.S. – A Current Affair now goes by “The Current” and just released their new 5 song EP titled “New Colors”! Go give it a listen and support them in their new and growing ministry through music. I have been truly honored and blessed to call these my friends.  click below to be taken to The Current’s iTunes page.


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