A letter from Prague (part 2 of 2)


Now that you’ve had time to recover for a few days after my previous words, here is the rest of the tale to be told, although not written from Prague this time unfortunately.

I left off revealing my new job for the next three weeks, which would be part of the Czech Tech Crew responsible for the traveling tour equipment, enough to fill two cargo vans. We headed for Bardejov, Slovakia to the church we stayed in for the week and the band showed up late that night after flying in from London. We spent a couple days teaching the local youth volunteers their responsibilities and how to set things up. The band also had some time to rehearse with the new equipment and then after packing it back up we had the traditional prayer meeting with the churches that were involved in exit tour and the volunteers who would be there. This all was actually held in a church where Dizmas had performed acoustically in the past. The next day began the tour with the first school, waking up at the customary 5:30am to be out by 6 and completely set up and sound checked in a school gymnasium by 8. Volunteers are CRUCIAL and it’s so cool that the teens in the local churches are the ones we get to work with. We’re not only meeting new youth every day by the hundreds but we strive to build up the local church through it! Teaching them correct ways to wrap cables, to hook up monitors, set up a truss system, stages, speakers and subwoofers. By the end of the week, these youth volunteers are almost capable of setting it all up by themselves! That’s three tons of equipment in record speed, and there’s no breakfast until its done.

The schools in Bardejov were well-receiving to Exit Tour! The band with its dance/hip hop style and fun stage presence got the majority of all four schools moving around, having a good time. the morning session is used to introduce the school to the Exit Tour, some of the lecturers they’ll be seeing, and the band that they’ll have many opportunities throughout the week to meet. Over the course of the week, we met with students for “afternoon activities” playing futbol and card games, drinking tea and chatting and building relationships with those who came. At the end of the week, a free concert was held in a gymnasium in an accessible part of town for students, their friends, parents or grandparents could attend if they wished. (didn’t see an grandmas this time) The next day is a day of farewells and a couple last hours of fun with the students we met during the week. The after party is intentionally held at a local church that we worked with to see students in church that would have never crossed that threshold before.

255 students attended afternoon activities
500+ students attended the concert – 206 of which filled out a survey. 96% said they were interested in Jesus after hearing the gospel presentation during the concert!
130 students came to the after party at a church, most of which never attend church

These numbers are truly a work of God but the next number I want to share is absolutely culture shattering, mind blowing, and ultimately Christ exalting-ly incredible.

185 students responded to the gospel IN their classroom after hearing from one of the lecturers working with EXIT. Frankly, this doesn’t happen. I won’t be the judge of this number regarding whether or not it was sincere, that’s not our place. The truth is, these are students who after hearing the gospel and asked if they wanted to pray with the lecturer to know Jesus, said yes and followed through. It’s a very simple and child-like faith to accept Jesus. He doesn’t require a systematic theology or deeply convicted doctrine, all he requires is confession, belief, and acceptance. Confession of sins, we all have them. Belief in the Son of God as perfectly sacrificed and death conquering, He is the only way to the Father. Acceptance of the freely attainable gift of salvation, only by what Christ did are we to enter into union with God.

This is just a glimpse of ONE WEEK! I won’t go into details on the next week, but we moved to Poprad, Slovakia and did Exit Tour all over again with new churches, new volunteers, and new students. After the two weeks were over, we had to say goodbye to the people in Poprad but also Faith Child as they left to return to London. When it was all said and done, we returned to our homes and thanked God for what he had done in such a short time.

Since Poland had cancelled on their week of Exit Tour, I headed back to Ropice with Jena, spending a few days of recoup and review. For my last few days, I was sent off to Strakonice, Czech Republic to help a local JV missionary, Leah Cox with ministry there.

I sit here in Hutchinson, Kansas writing about these things that happened not so long ago across the world in a country not many people know about. The harvest is plenty, it’s all around us across the world and across the street. I’m back in my hometown working at a local coffee shop, building back into my church and searching for what God wants me to do in this time. I have developed an inner desire for education, one that I haven’t had until now. Pray for me as I figure out what I need to do, and that I will hold fast to it.

Thank you so much for reading about my life over the past couple of months and last few years for anyone that’s been keeping up. I wonder what next year will bring.



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