Abandoning Kansas

If you want a grasp of how truly awesome this post will be, I recommend you read my last post from NINE months ago here titled “Time to Carry On”. In it, I explained my situation at the time, desperately wanting to play music and not knowing in which direction I was headed. I knew God had a future plan for me but I didn’t know how long it would be. turns out, it was nine months! And no, I am not about to be a new father..

AK- Midwest Summer Banner

Abandon Kansas is a touring band from Wichita, KS. The first time I saw them was in California, I don’t know how that worked out. They have been going at it for years now and are at the brink of major success. They have been through a lot as a band including many member changes but the most recent one is their drummer. With Brian stepping down, I will not be taking his place, but will be filling the drummer role for a few months.  The reason I say a few months is because beginning in April, I will be taking another opportunity to play music called No Longer Music (NLM) but I will get to that in a minute. So far, I’m incredibly blessed and excited that even this opportunity is happening. You can start to see God’s providence and timing already in my life when it comes to music. When the opportunity for AK first presented itself, I was all-in and then NLM came along and required some wrestling and decision making. With NLM starting in April, I thought I was faced with an ultimatum and had actually decided that if it came down to it, I would say no to Abandon Kansas to pursue it. Requirements for NLM would be from April-September and those are huge months for a band so if I wouldn’t be around, they might as well not waste their time in search of a drummer. Preparing to say no, I was told that Abandon Kansas wasn’t looking for someone to replace Brian just yet and they only wanted a fill-in drummer for shows from January-March. WOW. They don’t overlap. I can do both! So, starting in January, I will be filling in as a drummer for Abandon Kansas.

April 2 is the first day of rehearsals for No Longer Music.

No Longer Music is a tour through Europe playing music and using Theatre/Drama to illustrate the story of the gospel. If you know my story at all, this sounds very familiar. It’s not EXIT Tour but it’s very similar. No Longer Music is operated by Steiger International, a Missions Organization. Started by David Pierce in the 80’s in Amsterdam, NLM uses music to travel and tell people about Jesus and connect them with the local church. I am very excited about this opportunity to use music in a missions environment. This summer we have plans to travel to Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Lebanon, Turkey, Albania, Austria, Croatia, and Spain! Ministry aside, I can’t want to travel to new places and even revisit Poland. My Polish friends need to come see me! Years ago, when I was still in high school and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I thought I could never do both things I had a heart for; Music and Missions. When the opportunity for EXIT Tour through Josiah Venture came up, I thought it was one of a kind! Man, was I wrong. I am constantly meeting more people who are embracing the “musicianary” lifestyle and although it might not be a title to write on a resumé, it is exactly what I want to be. If in the process I also get to travel, call it a double-blessing!

I have been officially accepted for the role as drummer for No Longer Music and with it comes a great task and an awesome opportunity. Thousands have responded to the gospel through NLM and the ministry is being demanded more than it can supply. Consider this a missions trip for its’ primary purpose is to share Christ. It also means I need to raise support. Five months of touring, lodging, eating, and flying is a daunting reality when it comes to financing the operation but it will only cost me $2,000. Yes, two thousand dollars. For the whole thing. I’m not going to give you a fund-raising plug this time. The truth is, this is what I do and it has impacted thousands of people in the past and I can continue doing it. Youth want to know Jesus after I play these shows. That’s what I’m here for. If you share a heart for that, I am an outlet. If not, stick around and enjoy the stories! I will have plenty.

Follow Steiger on Vimeo to watch video summaries of each concert! Here is an example of one of the many shows I will play this Summer.


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