Adventure is out there

up movie

I love this quote because it almost unintentionally implies that you have to go on an adventure to find adventure. Adventure is not HERE, it’s OUT THERE. It implies that adventure is not the natural state of the adventurer, but that they are simply an adventurer because they go OUT THERE. Where new things are. Where unseen things are. You have to pick up and just go. The more you plan, the less spark it really has. You plan trips, you take adventures. Sometimes trips turn into adventures. I’m wearing the word out.

Adventure means a lot to me. I’ve been to more countries than some people have states. By rough count, I’ve lived in 20+ places by age 22. The real adventure started when I graduated high school and everything between now and then has been a domino from previous adventures. God lined up the stack and gave me the test of willingness and when I said yes, He flicked the one that started it all when I did EXIT Tour in 2009. It comes with a certain level of sacrifice that I’ve learned to embrace. I drove a moped all winter so I wouldn’t have to buy a car and make payments while I was gone this Summer. I made some really good friends that I have now left and I’ve had to leave some friends behind indefinitely in the past. I have NO idea what I’m going to do when I get back. Ok I suppose I have some ideas but that’s all they are. Nothing is even close to concrete at this point but I love it. I had to sacrifice security which can be exhilarating or stressful and close to impossible for the American Dreamers. I don’t say this to brag about my sorry state of affairs (if that’s even possible). I want to show those who dream of adventure that it’s totally attainable but it’s not free. It wants collateral. Take opportunities at all costs! You’ve got a dream, a place you want to be. It’s intrinsic to us humans to have purpose and meaning. How are you going to get there? What will you give up in the name of achieving it?

How far will you let adventure take you? She’s generous but She has rules. She doesn’t like too many plans, She likes spontaneous. She likes to make you take leaps of courage. She wants you to prove you’re worth her time and She knows She’s worth yours. Do you want to find her bad enough? Seek Adventure and you’ll find her out there. Somewhere.



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