Art of Preparation

keiji snow hit

3 whole weeks. I’ve been in Minneapolis for 3 weeks today and it feels like 3 months. 3 days before I arrived in Minneapolis I left my hometown to play 3 shows with Abandon Kansas. We got home from our last show at 3am and my flight left 3 hours later. It took me about 3 minutes to write those 3 sentences [if you don’t count the first one(which is 3 words long)].

Every time we do something here that requires late nights or one thing right after another to get things done, it’s dubbed rock’n’roll. I tapped into my rock’n’roll reserves when I made last minute adjustments to play those last shows with [AK] and I had a blast! The show in Kansas City was on another level as a result of new and recent friends all meeting up and hanging out during the day before the show. The show was at the Conservatory, a really grungy dark place and at least half of the crowd plus the bands agreed to dress up beforehand. So there we were dressed to the teeth and there wasn’t much of a barrier between the stage and crowd. I mean that figuratively. It just felt like we were all gathered to do something collectively as friends. We were privileged to have a couple videographer friends film our set so definitely look forward to that!

That was Saturday. Sunday was a show in Wichita. It was a strange set-up being a class reunion and playing twice, once as AK, the other as a cover band but overall it was good.. A couple good friends came to watch so I didn’t have to awkwardly talk to someone new or on the flip side, pretend to be stand-off-ish so I wouldn’t have to do that. Thanks friends. My flight left at 6 the next morning and arrived in Minneapolis early enough to go straight to Church, then straight to No Longer Music rehearsals. Two solid weeks of full-time rehearsals to get the show down before a weekend of send-off shows in Kansas City and Sterling. That’s what I’ve been doing in Minneapolis.

I’m amazed at the network of people who enable Steiger to do what they do with NLM. People don’t just appreciate what we do, they get behind it and make it happen. Ridgewood Church let us keep our entire set in their main auditorium for rehearsals. Rick and Mavis have let me and Kersten live in their house while we are here. Rick builds props and fixes our cars. Mark is letting Alex and Keiji live in his house. Grace church is letting us set up this week and do a show on Sunday and film a live DVD. They’re letting us use a van. A Ridgewood member let us use his trailer for the weekend. Numerous supporters have brought us lunch and dinner during practice. Jay and Janelle drove 7 hours for a supporter lunch last week. Steve in Des Moine let me and Steve stay at his house. People give their hard-earned money to Steiger so we can tour this Summer. Members of my own church, Westside Baptist, have donated over $1,000 to me so I can tour this Summer. It’s just the snowflake on top of the tip of the iceberg. The support of this thing is massive and it’s growing.

So far my time here has been a LOT of practice with enough time to unwind and relax at the end of the day. I’m staying in a wonderful home and we were invited to join the family for Easter Supper today. Im procrastinating on homework right now but I’ll get it done right before midnight like every Sunday. We’ve had a few days off so I’ve been able to see the city and meet new friends as well as get to know my band mates better and take pictures. Our final send off show is in a week so tomorrow begins an intensive week. The next week will be DVD touch ups and fixes and then it’s time to go. We leave in two groups and I’ll leave in the later one on May 6th for Amsterdam. We’ll drive to the base is Germany and no time to waste, our first show is May 9th in Poland.

No Longer Music 2014 is going to change the world.


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