The West Endeavour

It’s hard to remember everything that has happened since we left our base in Krogis, Germany for the second leg of our tour in Spain and Portugal. To start off our trip, we spent 3 days driving through France and camping for 2 nights in random fields along the highway. If you thought we lived the high life in hotels, let this be proof enough that we don’t! We weren’t allowed to start a fire the second night because the mayor of the city happened to drive by and see us. He was kind enough to let us stay there for the night and cook our sausages at his house. He even lead us to a cafe in the morning.

The more shows we play, the more mixed up they get to me. I can remember the conversations I had and the site of the venue but I forget the order of shows and what cities they were in. I remember a show in Portugal where it was unnaturally cold and the Portuguese soccer teams were playing each other at the same time as our show so the crowd was relatively small. As David finished preaching, a guy turned around to Steve and I and without us saying a word, he tells us how he loved the music and how ingrained the message of Jesus is and he admires how strong our belief in it is but he is an atheist. We talked for quite a while about what he believed and the obstacles in the way of him believing what we preach. By the end of the conversation, I gave him a couple references to look up including a Christian Philosopher that I admire, William Lane Craig since he was very interested in Philosophy. His son was with him and was also very intelligent himself, often correcting grammar mistakes and offering opinions of his own. They told me I could be certain that they would look these references up. There are some conversations that can’t be concluded even in a generous half-hour and he had to leave so I’m very happy that he gave me his word that he would look into it more. I told him like I tell everyone else that what he thinks about Jesus is the most important decision he will ever make.

Some of our locations were absolutely prime and I couldn’t believe we played right on the edge of the river next to the Puente de Isabel II bridge in Sevilla Spain. A famous DJ played before us and at least a thousand people stood by and watched our show and many more thousands would have heard us as we blasted our 26,000 watt sound system over the water and to the surrounding area. We were right in the middle of the night life with bars and clubs lining the streets above us. We played two shows in a prison in Spain but they wouldn’t let us record video. We had to arrive early for security and get 7 tons of equipment out of the trucks in under 30 minutes. On the way out, they had to open every box and look inside before we loaded it back on to the truck. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the shows but it was the best response so far. We weren’t allowed to go talk to the prisoners after but God made it clear that He moved. They wouldn’t stop clapping and cheering and saying thank you when it was all done. The last show of our western endeavor was in the church that had been housing us for our Madrid shows. It also served as a rehab center and by the end of the week, they told us they were our new home base in Spain. Hundreds of people packed the sanctuary and David called them to kneel if they wanted to know Jesus. I watched as people intentionally walked from one side of the room to the other to kneel and pray with David. As I watched, I couldn’t help but laugh. The kind of laugh that Abraham laughed when he was told He would have a son in his old age. None of the shows would have been a better way to end that leg of tour and to reminisce on while we drove for 3 more days back through France to Germany.

In a few more days we will return to Poland for 9 back to back shows and then move on to Ukraine. I’ll leave you with a recap video of the last couple weeks.



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